The Yellow Mountains of Mount Huangshan, China got its spotlight moment on Friday, Nov. 19, 2021, as the first virtual major tourism and cultural event between the US and China was held simultaneously in both New York and Huangshan, China. Gloria Ai, founder of iAsk Leaders and ambassador of Huangshan Scenic Area, was invited to host the event.


Under the theme ‘Creative Huangshan, Gorgeous Huizhou,’ the event shed light on the famous tourist attractions of Mount Huangshan, as New York State and City officials joined Huangshan tourism leaders, journalists, and hundreds joining via Zoom and Facebook from across the US and China. Gloria Ai stated that how happy we are to have friend afar.

在 “创意黄山 美在徽州”的主题下,纽约州政府官员与黄山旅游领导、记者以及来自美国和中国各地的数百名通过群众通过Zoom和Facebook一起领略了黄山的著名旅游景点。艾诚表示,有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎。

Ling Yun, Secretary of Huangshan Municipal Party Committee, told the audience that the Mount Huangshan, since its designation as a UNESCO Cultural and Natural Heritage Site in 1990, continues to attract visitors from around the globe, drawn by its endless charm, vitality and potential.


Sun Yong, Mayor of Huangshan city, said the Yellow Mountains are the epitome of cultural China. He said he sincerely hopes US tourists will visit the mountains, to explore more of its unique Pine trees and rocks, sea of the clouds, hot springs, and the winter snow, as well as the Huizhou culture.


Huang Ping, Consul General of the Consulate General of PRC in New York, said that the Yellow Mountains are one of the best renowned tourist attractions in China, and is considered a prime example of classic Chinese scenery, as it appears frequently in Chinese landscape paintings.


Kathy Hoghul, Governor of New York State, said over the years, New York state and the United States have formed partnerships with various regions in China, especially the beautiful city of Huangshan. In her greeting letter, Governor Hoghul said she “looks forward to this event to rebuilding and reopening the New York State economy in the post pandemic era.”

纽约州州长Kathy Hoghul表示,多年来,纽约州、美国与中国各地区,特别是美丽的黄山市建立了友好关系。Hoghul州长在她的问候信中提到,她期待在后疫情时代,这一活动能重建和重新开放纽约州的经济”。

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, in his letter, also commended the event for restoring the city’s cultural and economic vibrancy from the pandemic crisis by helping people become united.

纽约市市长Bill de Blasio在他的信中也赞扬该活动,他表示通过协助中美人民友好往来,使城市的文化和经济活力从疫情的危机中恢复。

Six Americans shared their impression of Huangshan, such as making smelly mandarin fish and drinking Qimen black tea while hundreds joined virtually and participated in the quizzes of Huangshan enthusiastically and expressed their hope to visit the Yellow Mountains in the future.






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