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The future in science fiction films where highly automated and intelligent machines will take place of human beings is now coming into reality. Shocked by capital and technology, many people no longer count on the wisdom of human beings. However, Gloria Ai, the founder of iAsk Media, is still defending the value of mankind.

In the concrete jungle full of machines, she, in a red dress, reminds us that, in the present time, what frightens people most is the fact that people think as machines instead of machines think as human beings.


“Living noticeably for your mission” is not only Gloria Ai’s advocacy for the times but also her motto. In the ups and downs of the business circles, she writes people’s stories with her pen. Among the capital games in which the winner takes all, she digs into the truth with her microphone. Is the ecosystem of creating wealth, on earth, the driving force of reforms or the hilarity of cheaters? Is the reflected peak story in the world a psalm to the brave or the Ukiyoe of the spoilers?


Some numbers represent Gloria Ai’s persistence and embody her growth and accumulation in the past four years, including 1323 entrepreneurs, over 750 original character articles and more than 120 top video interviews of business people from We-Media to All-Platform Media Matrix.

The change has never been so fast, but it will even be faster. Therefore, how can we catch up with the development of the times and maintain the core competitiveness of innovation? Now iAsk Leaders will invite you to discuss on the innovation rules with Gloria Ai, the founder of iAsk Media, and to defend the wisdom of human beings through man-AI battle.

Hello, everyone! I’m Gloria Ai, the founder of iAsk Media. The topics today are all associated with the relations between mankind, AI and machines. Maybe I’m the only one here to defend the wisdom and value of human beings in public. I believe that AI can determine how fast we run. However, it is the love from the bottom of our hearts that determines where to run towards.

I started iAsk Media out of my obsession with and curiosity about people, thus I could lead my team to record the innovators and leaders in this era with our innate curiosity. After more than one thousands interviews, I realized a secret that all the technological progress and social innovations can be traced to the vision and creativity of a person or a group of people.

If it is true, I found a huge difference between China and the West. In Silicon Valley, founders are often associated with the brand influence of their enterprises. For example, who come to your mind when it comes to Apple? Steve Jobs. What’s more, you must think of Facebook when it comes to Zuckerberg, just as Elon Musk to his Tesla.

The names of the founders are the synonyms for their companies and products. It’s reasonable at the brand level, because the founders are able to give their technology figurative images and make them well known for appearances and voices. And this is what a LOGO alone can never achieve.

Chinese enterprises are experiencing “Faceless Rise” in the world?

But is it also true in China and Asia? The LOGO on the right is HUAWEI, one of China’s greatest companies. In 2017, it sold 153 million smart phones with a total revenue of 603.6 billion yuan, ranking absolutely on the top three globally. However, Ren Zhengfei, its founder, is rarely known at home and abroad.

Why is it so? There was an explanation that ‘Asian society is organized collectively while European society personally’, and it almost remains today. So in China, it is usually the companies or brands instead of founders or CEOs that voice to the public. As a result, Chinese enterprises rise without images, which is called “Faceless Rise” in the world.

Inrecent years, the international media has begun to pay more attention to China’s technological innovation, but most of them that have gone global are corporate brands rather than entrepreneurs. Except for Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, these visionary Chinese innovators failed to gain enough international recognition. Many of those who promote technological innovation and the decision-makers behind the investment are ignored in the story of “the Rise of China”.

So we have found three relationships between business leaders and enterprises. The first is what we have just mentioned, Mr. Ren Zhengfei and HUAWEI who have just realized the arrival of the IP era of entrepreneurs and started to build personal brands. The second is Mr. Lei Jun and Xiaomi. He has successfully created a good entrepreneur story and brand affection, and realized the high profile of ROI. The third is Jack Ma and Alibaba. Obviously, Ma Yun has stood at the commanding heights of the business circles. His personal influence is far greater than that of Alibaba.

So iAsk’s mission is to help those Chinese founders who have their missions to be the leaders of the business circles and demonstrate their faces and stories of innovation and entrepreneurship to the world. I have interviewed Dong Mingzhu, the female figure of the time, Zhouhang who created Yongche but had to give up, as well as Chen Nian, who still firmly believes in the presence of VANCL as long as its founder is present, despite the enterprise has already fallen into quite a small one. They are just a couple of people among over a thousand iAsk Leaders. The only thing is that they are equal to me whether they succeed or not.

Who is the socially needed one of the times?

Drastic changes are taking place in society. Meanwhile, the progress from agricultural society to industrial society, and then to intelligent society sets increasingly higher demands for innovative labor. If you are ‘a rising star’, you will be competitive mainly for your miraculous innovation rather than physical strength or skills.

What is the constant momentum of social progress? All of our topics today areassociated with science and technology, which are the two major engines of society. Thanks to various innovations, the technology derived from science and content derived from art have optimized costs and scenes, and delivered services.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, remember to combine content, technology and product, and find a clear entrepreneurial model. The more precise the model is, the better you can do.

There are three musts to be a business leader. First, you must revere innovation. Second, you have to be so usual as not to give up faced with trouble. Finally, you must be a leader.

In (the book) Leaders Eat Last, the author says that when the US Marine Corps have dinner together, the most senior officer is served last while the least eats first. It is due to a fact that a real leader knows to share achieve win-win results. Thus, I wish all the children, which are future leaders, and adults, which are leaders at present, could be the figures of the times who are willing to share.