The epidemic of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan touches the nerve of every Chinese and every enterprise.

The outbreak took place unexpectedly. At this critical moment, action works better than words. Many workers , not scared by the danger, went to the front line to support. In this war against virus, many enterprises responded quickly to give support in their capacity to help Wuhan, and help fellow citizens fight through difficult times.

When disasters strike, help comes from all sides.


Among the investee companies of SAIF Partners, Daily Interactions, Anuo Youda, Coyote, Ustar, VHS Technology, Beiang, Bona, AInnovation, Jumeng, Hsrjapp, Nalong, YYets, One Psychology and others conducted emergent mobilization and deployment. In various ways such as big data analysis, development of testing reagents, enhancing reagents preparation, opening of special channels for relief supplies, emergency delivery of drugs and medical devices, psychological counseling and donations for medical staff, those enterprises are giving full play in their ability and contribute to the fight against the epidemic, and assume due social responsibilities.

Getui acted quickly to set up a “personal doctor” team, in cooperation with relevant national ministries and experts, to secure solid big data for the fight against the epidemic, and to provide the epidemic prevention and control with a precise guidance system.

Anuo Youda provided free sequencing detection and information analysis for a well-established gene library of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus. It analyzes and closely tracks possible genetic mutations and virus adaptability with high-depth sequencing; continues to analyze and closely tracks the virus, to help with the research on the novel coronavirus and the vaccine development.

Clear, in face of the increasingly severe epidemic and the higher demand for medical film printing, has launched an emergency team, covering sales, commerce, logistics, operation and maintenance, marketing and other departments all over China, to unify deployment, advocacy, real-time information update, and scheduling of personnel and supplies. In this way, it makes full use of resources in production, logistics, operation and maintenance, to ensure the supply, distribution, and operation of self-service printing equipment required by hospitals, especially in the worst-hit regions.

To meet the needs of hospitals, its Nanyang factory arranged production in a timely manner to ensure uninterrupted film supply, while ensuring the safety of its employees. Logistics personnels coordinated and tracked the products and ensured timely deliveries. More than 200 field engineers nationwide are working in the front line to provide 24 hours service. All members of the company are dispatched to purchase emergency supplies such as masks, disinfectants, goggles, and protective suit, which are sent to the epidemic areas, to support epidemic prevention and control.

Coyote successfully developed the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) nucleic acid-free RNA detection kit (PCR-fluorescent probe method) on January 24. It supports and helps clinical hospitals, disease control systems, transportation systems, customs systems, scientific research institutions with technical and logistic services, and continues to assist in rapid screening at hospital clinics, airports, customs, train stations, and the identification of virus spreaders at an early stage.

On the Coyote platform of rapid nucleic acid detection, in use of nucleic acid-free extraction methods, it requires opening the lid only once and one-step sample loading, and the subsequent procedures are in a fully enclosed system. The exposure risk of positive samples is extremely low, and there is no false positive problem led by nucleic acid contamination caused by amplification products. It is particularly useful for the diagnosis of front-line medical treatment. After reasonable protective measures, medical staff can take noninvasive sampling (oropharyngeal swab sample) on the spot, quickly load the sample in one step (within 1 minute), and issue a report to complete the enclosed-off process in 30 minutes. Sampling and loading are consistent in biological safety level.

Coyote rapid nucleic acid detection platform allows the single-person efficiency increased by more than 5 times. No requirement of complex professional training, the range of capable operators can be expanded by more than 10 times, which is particularly in line with the need of this special period of employment. Only by increasing the testing capacity of a single hospital, can we strengthen the overall testing capacity in the country, so to identify super-spreaders faster, and to expand the screening coverage.

Now Coyote employees are on standby during the Spring Festival to assist those in need in and around Wuhan without conditions.

Nalong is a professional ECG supplier of medical informatization. It has participated in the construction of ECG epidemic prevention platforms in many hospitals.

Grandomics uses the three-generations gene sequencing platform in Wuhan to assist in detecting samples, and will continue with this assistance in the future.

YHLO is stepping up the preparation of chemiluminescence detection reagents for mycoplasma pneumoniae and chlamydia pneumoniae, to identify non-viral pneumonia and quickly exclude the novel coronavirus cases. Its equipment can be found in major Wuhan hospitals including Tongji Hospital and Xiehe Hospital, to speed up the supplies preparation to support hospitals and medical staff in epidemic areas and go all out to fight the epidemic.

Ustar, as a leader in full-automatic and real-time molecular diagnostics, the Ustar R & D team is the pioneer to obtain the genome sequence of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) for analysis and design locking methods. It uses autonomously controllable cross-primer thermostats amplified patented technology and reagent vitrification technology, which are secure and reliable, to successfully develop the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) nucleic acid detection kit (constant temperature amplification real-time fluorescence method) on January 15. With this technology, we can quickly identify and accurately capture the novel coronavirus in samples of mouthwash, oropharyngeal swabs and etc. Thus the diagnosis can be taken earlier, and such measurements will continue to ensure better epidemic prevention and treatment.

Beiang is a leading brand of non-consumable air purifiers, responded quickly to the epidemic. On January 23, it provided 120 Beiang non-consumable air purifiers, protective masks, goggles, and other medical supplies urgently needed to hospitals in Wuhan. An intelligent fresh air system was specially designed and installed for the Science and Technology Development Center of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association.

Bona donated RMB 1 million to the Xinjiang Red Cross On January 30. This fund is exclusively for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Wuhan.

AInnovation and its employees have donated RMB 600,000, of which, the United Water Drop Convergence Foundation donated RMB 500,000 to raise the Special Fund for the Speed Aid of Epidemic Areas; another RMB 100,000 yuan was used to purchase medical supplies such as masks, which were directly delivered to affected areas.

Raycloud: On January 29, Hangzhou Raycloud Co., Ltd. donated RMB 500,000 to the Hangzhou Red Cross to support the fight against the pneumonia epidemic.

VHS: On January 26, VHS launched the “VHS Public Welfare Psychological Counseling Hotline” for the first time. Together with Wuhan Zhuoer Public Welfare Foundation, it provided psychological counseling and emotional appeasement consultant for the frontline doctors and their families at this critical time. It continues to offer free psychological counseling support for medical staff of Wuhan hospitals, frontline doctors and their families.

Hsrjapp donated relief supplies worth RMB 1.2 million in response to the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic. As the first batch of donation, the 200,000 masks has been distributed. The following batches of donated supplies are being allocated in an orderly manner and will be distributed free of charge to the public in need.

Huize Insurance: Ensuing the epidemic outbreak, Huize Insurance initiated emergency plans to actively respond to the epidemic of the new pneumonia. Specific measures include providing a 24-hour reporting channel, giving priority to responding to customers infected with the novel coronavirus; opening a green channel for claims assistance service: once receiving epidemic cases , a staff member will get in contact to guide and provide claims services proactively; simplify the claims procedures: for users who die, get major illnesses, or need medical treatment due to infection with the novel coronavirus, Huize will simplify the documentation required for claims application.

Hujiang: On January 27, Hujiang announced that, by the end of the epidemic, the Hujiang CCtalk platform is free of service charges for newly subscribed schools, educational institutions and web teachers who meet requirements nationwide.

Jaka: As a leading company of collaborative robots, Jaka responded quickly to the epidemic. Specific measures include lending free robots to support epidemic prevention enterprises (such as mask manufacturers). About technical support, Jaka immediately arranged local engineers to provide on-site support; 24 hours online one-to-one technical support and training guaranteed the production.

Joinman: On January 25, Joiman opened a special channel for transporting relief supplies to Wuhan, providing free transportation services to local governments, non-profit organizations, enterprise, public entities, and medical device manufacturers. It has carried out supplies transportation for 6 times, and continues with follow-up free transportation services to local governments, non-profit organizations, enterprises and public entities, and medical device manufacturers in Wuhan.

YYets: On January 27, YYets donated RMB 1 million to the Red Cross of Jiang’an District in Wuhan to support the fight against the pneumonia epidemic. Mr. Zhou Weimin, CEO of YYets, is a Hubei citizen. He owns the YYets company in Wuhan and hires more than 100 employees. After the epidemic broke out, YYets announced working from home online to cooperate with the epidemic prevention, which contributed to the epidemic control.

SF City organized SF couriers to resume work in Wuhan on January 28, and cooperated with KFC to deliver meals to Wuhan hospitals.

小度互娱:针对近期新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情防控相关工作,小度互娱迅速成立了“抗击新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎工作组” 落实了以下举措:公司湖北籍高管自发出资从境外紧急采购多箱N95口罩捐赠给武汉周边城市的医护人员;在产品首页首屏等位置上线“抗击肺炎”专属区块、专属频道,并通过在线直播、自制短视频、push推送消息、搜索置顶等方式向全体网民用户广泛宣传新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎防护知识,增强自我防控意识,阻断新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎传播途径;实时转载权威媒体关于新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情的报道,包括党中央、国务院等各项决策部署,各地的防控进展、举措,前线医护人员的感人事迹等,倡议网民用户坚定信心、同舟共济、共克时艰;严格把关内容审核,有效防止了有关新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情的谣言、恐慌性内容的传播。
Baidu Video: in response to the recent prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic of the novel coronavirus infection, Baidu Video took an efficient step to lead a Working Group to Fight Pneumonia of Novel Coronavirus Infection and implemented the following measures: senior managers self-funded overseas emergency procurement of N95 masks to donate medical staff in surrounding cities in Wuhan; on the product homepage, the Pneumonia Fighting exclusive section and channel were launched, to widely publicize the knowledge of the protection of the novel coronavirus infection to all Internet users, with online live broadcasts, video clips, push messages, promotions and other means, to enhance the public self-control awareness, so to block the transmission; real-time updates of authoritative media reports on the novel coronavirus, include decision-making arrangements by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, prevention and control progress and measures in different places, and the touching deeds of front-line medical staff, etc. It advocates Internet users to strengthen their confidence, help each other to live through difficult times; it also takes strict content review, and has effectively prevented rumors of the novel coronavirus and the spread of panic content.

O’Mall: On January 22, O’Mall formed a special emergency team to organize the overseas supply chain team to order medical standard health care supplies of major brands in the Japanese and Australian markets, to ensure product inventories displayed on shelves during the Spring Festival. Strict control is taken to ensure stable prices. Prices of all health products such as masks, disinfection supplies, immunity / nutrition supplements maintain the original prices. The inventory and prices of health care supplies will continue to be stable.

洋码头:公司在1月26日成立专项小组,组织号召海外买手商户组织货源,备好库存,严禁医用口罩等相关健康防护用品涨价,启动专项补贴;旗下贝海国际补贴数百万元,开通抗击疫情专属免费国际直邮物流通道,自1月25日零点起从美国、加拿大发往湖北地区的口罩、防护服、护目镜、手套等疫情医疗防护用品的电商件包裹,贝海保证货源充足及价格稳定;持续对美国,加拿大寄往湖北省的防疫医疗物资(仅限口罩/防护服/护目镜/手套) 电商件包裹,提供全程免费国际运输和配送服务。
Ymatou: On January 26, Ymatou set up a special working group to calls on overseas buyers to organize supplies, prepare inventory, stop price increases of medical masks and other related health and protection supplies. Special subsidies were also started. YMT Global Inc., under the umbrella of Ymatou, offered subsidy worth several million yuan, and opened an exclusive free international logistics channel of direct mail to fight the epidemic. Since the midnight on January 25, masks, protective suits, goggles, gloves and other medical supplies for epidemic medical protection have been sent to Hubei area from the United States and Canada. Ymatou ensures adequate supply and stable prices, and continues to send epidemic prevention medical supplies (limited to masks / protective suits / goggles / gloves) from the United States and Canada to Hubei Province, with its free international shipping and distribution services.

One Psychology launched the “back plan” of psychological assistance, by carefully selected domestic professional psychological counselors with love. They provided free psychological assistance and support for the epidemic areas, to back those affected. On the first day of launch, a group of 50 psychological counselors provided support and assistance to 210 frontline medical staff, patients and family members in the affected areas.

SAIF investees such as PD House, Code Cat, Colorv, Landun Xumei, Shuwei, Womai.com, Ziihome, Zhongyu Media have initiated internal fundraising, donated medical supplies, and promised not to increase prices, to contribute in their own power.

All are performing their best to fight the epidemic. The companies invested by SAIF Partners will stay focus on the progress of the epidemic control and support the fight against pneumonia!